Call center serves many crucial business functions whether its a few dozen calls a day or thousands of calls an hour. Your call center needs to help you be successful. To get the most out of your call center, you need a solution that provides control and visibility; that offers flexibility and the best disaster recovery. It needs to be affordable, easy to use and managed.

In a Cloud-based system, the brains of the contact center are located in the Cloud, or in some cases multiple Clouds blended together, and then connected to the PSTN and to the Internet (either public or private). You get a single call center across all your office locations. This can not be achieved with a premised based system.

If the brains of your contact center are located in the Cloud, it is possible to reroute around outages very quickly to anywhere in the world. Disaster recovery in the event of a service cut is smarter, faster and more survivable. This improves your customer satisfaction, increases sales and reduces mounting cost associated with moving, making changes, purchasing new hardware or software upgrades and maintenance.

In a Cloud-based solution, seats, licenses and bandwidth can be decommissioned and commissioned as required. Unlike premised-based contact center that requires more hardware and software in order to be engineered for the peak season. Its more advantageous to build diversity in from inception by putting the entire solution in the Cloud where redundant servers are already geographically dispersed.

Being in the cloud gives you total accessibility so that agents can work from remote offices even from home. Using a mobile phone, home phone and even making calls directly from their PCs. No trunking on premise for remote agents is required. You’re no longer limited by geography to find the best candidates to staff your call center. Gives you the freedom to utilize well-qualified employees from just anywhere in the world. With a cloud call center you add and remove agents in a couple of minutes and not weeks.

Some Cloud-based contact center solutions can be bolted on to any hosted VoIP solution and even on to legacy PBX systems. Allowing customers to layer highly intelligent contact center solutions on to any system. Your Cloud based contact center can be fully integrated with your CRM tools like Salesforce and O365.

Cloud contact center reduces the number of trunks required in premised-based contact center. Trunking capacity is engineered for the number of simultaneous LIVE calls only. All other calls wait in the Cloud. This is a big advantage and cost saving.

All Letche contact center providers have more than one data center and softswitch with geographically disperse locations fed by multiple carriers. Contact us at to learn more on how we can help your business get the best value by moving your contact center to the Cloud.